License and Usage Info for Digital Yard Sale Free and Premium Content

You will find a lot of original content on this website. Some I give away as freebies and others I sell. It’s always good to know what you can and can’t do with the files you get from DYS.┬áDigital Yard Sale’s freebie & premium downloads are original works, and therefore subject to copyright. This means that the files you download from are original artwork created by me. They are copyrighted with Some Rights Reserved provided by Creative Commons License. But don’t worry…there’s still plenty you can do with them.

Every file (and all included files) I create is copyrighted by me. If you are unsure about a way you would like to use files or content downloaded from Digital Yard Sale, please contact me to get permission. Don’t worry, I’m actually a pretty nice guy.

Terms and Conditions for all Digital Yard Sale Downloads:

1. You may NOT redistribute Digital Yard Sale original content from your own site as your own files/content. In order to share Digital Yard Sale resources, you must link to the Digital Yard Sale page where the source file is located.

3. You may NOT adapt Digital Yard Sale’s free or premium downloaded files/content in order to charge money for it.

4. You may NOT take any Digital Yard Sale file or content (including tutorials) and claim it as your own.

5. You may NOT take any Digital Yard Sale file and sell it on a stock photography/vector resource site.

6. You may NOT obtain [steal] a Digital Yard Sale tutorial and host it on your personal site, YouTube or Vimeo as your own content.

7. You may NOT obtain a Digital Yard Sale tutorial and sell it as your own. This includes hosting it and selling access to the tutorial.

8. You may NOT copy and paste entire articles on your own site. Copying an entire article, even if you link back to it, is copyright infringement. You may only use an excerpt and link back to the original article on

By using files or content from you agree to these terms and conditions which are subject to change without notice. Violating these terms and conditions could and will result in punishment to the maximum extent under law.

Great Ways to Use DYS Files and Content:

– Use files in web design, posters, t-shirts, cd covers, postcards, annuals, user interface, flyers, business cards, branding and any other type of design you can think of.

– Use DYS files and tutorials as an educational resource to expand your skill set and create your own designs.

– Take a screenshot or grab an image from a DYS post and link to the post if you share the awesomeness of Digital Yard Sale files and content with your visitors.

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